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ACADEMIC FORUM Sep 9 [Wed] 11:00 ~ 11:30


A hop component, humulone. has an anti-inflammatory activity, an anti-virus activity and an anti-angiogenesis activity through the inhibiting the function of nuclear transcription factor NF-kB.
Xanthohumol has also an anti-virus activity.
ACADEMIC FORUM Sep 9 [Wed] 11:00 ~ 11:30
KINDAI UNIVERSITY Dept. Biotechnological Science, Faculty of Biology-Oriented Science and Technology Professor Dr. Takahiro Suzuki

"Moisturizing effect test of cosmetics using cut rice cake with the transferred stratum corneum"

A novel evaluation method in which cosmetics are applied to mochi pieces to which the stratum corneum of the skin is transferred was investigated for the moisturizing effect of cosmetics.
Private Label Cosmetics Development Presentation *FREE Sep 9 [Wed] 11:45 ~ 12:15

"Cosmetics that change with "nano technology""

ACADEMIC FORUM Sep 9 [Wed] 12:20 ~ 12:50
BUNKYO UNIVERSITY Faculty of Health and Nutrition Dean Dr. Seiichi Kasaoka

"Resisitant Starch Improves Gut Microbiota of Female University Students"

Sweet poteto increased fecalexcreation and butyrate excreatation in female univesrity students
ACADEMIC FORUM Sep 9 [Wed] 13:40 ~ 14:10
KINDAI UNIVERSITY Department of Biomedical Engineering, Faculty of Biology-Oriented Science and Technology Associate Professor Dr. Ei Yamamoto

"Preparation of elastin obtained from fish aortic bulbs and its application"

Elastin is a structural protein of soft tissues and is related to their mechanical properties. In this study, we investigated the effects of the external application of elastin on the maintenance or improvement of the tissue extensibility.
ACADEMIC FORUM Sep 9 [Wed] 14:20 ~ 14:50
NAGOYA UNIVERSITY HVEM Lab,Imass Professor Dr. Shigeo Arai

"The world microscopic structure of organisms such as human hair & skin spread by electron microscope"

The high voltage electron microscope facility of Nagoya University supports the observation of the biolical sample using high-performance electron microscopes.
ACADEMIC FORUM Sep 9 [Wed] 15:00 ~ 15:30
KANAZAWA UNIVERSITY Noto Marine Laboratory Prof. Emeritus Dr. Masanori Somei

"Instantly eliminates itching and heals wounds, organic compound."

We have found an optimal organic compound for atopic dermatitis that instantly eliminates itching and cures wounds. It exists in the human body and is safe and applicable to all skin problems.
ACADEMIC FORUM Sep 9 [Wed] 15:00 ~ 15:30
TOKYO INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Dep. of Life Sci. and Tech. Assistant Professor Dr. Toshiaki Tanaka

"Novel Method to Analyze Secretion and Processing of Type I Collagen with Live Imaging"

We successfully found some points, at which fluorescent tags can be added, in human preprocollagen type I alpha 1. The tagged collagen is assembled into multimer more than trimer and secreted, and then can be subjected to live cell imaging.
Private Label Cosmetics Development Presentation *FREE Sep 9 [Wed] 15:15 ~ 15:45

"The World Trend of Cosmetic Innovation with Microneedles"

MN is our original TTS technologies to deliver hyaluronic acid into the skin. The potential of MN will be introduced.
ACADEMIC FORUM Sep 9 [Wed] 15:40 ~ 16:10
NAGOYA UNIVERSITY Laboratory of Structural Molecular Pharmacology Professor Dr. Hidekazu Hiroaki

"Molecular mechanisms of epitherial barriar function by plant derived flavonoids"

We are focusing on flavonoids as active ingredients for cosmetics and functional foods. Flavonoids have opposite functions, tight junction opening and tight junction closing. Their distinct molecular mechanisms will be discussed.
ACADEMIC FORUM Sep 9 [Wed] 15:40 ~ 16:10
KYUSHU UNIVERSITY Faculty of Agriculture Associate Professor Dr. Kuniyoshi Shimizu

"Building a platform to provide some evidences for natural aromas and cosmetics"

Our research group aims to develop cosmetic materials for whitening and hair growth etc. with new functions by elucidating these mechanisms using chemical and biological approaches.
ACADEMIC FORUM Sep 10 [Thur] 11:00 ~ 11:30
GIFU UNIVERSITY Department of Chemistry and Biomolecular Science, Faculty of Engineering Professor Dr. Hiroshi Takemori

"New methods for the evaluation and visualization of the vesicle transport in melanocytes."

Using novel fluorescent compounds, we developed new methods to evaluate vesicle transport in melanocytes and identified several regulators of melanogenic factors. We introduce the fate of the melanogenic factors in melanogenesis.
ACADEMIC FORUM Sep 10 [Thur] 11:40 ~ 12:10
TOTTORI UNIVERSITY Graduate School of Engineering Professor Dr. Shinsuke IFUKU

"Preparation of chitin nanofibers from crab shell and its properties"

Chitin is the main component of crab shell. We have developed to prepare chitin nanofibers by mechanical disintegration process. Chitin nanofibers can disperse well in water and have a variety of properties.
Innovative Cosmetics Ingredients Presentation *FREE Sep 10 [Thur] 11:45 ~ 12:15

"Application of cellulose from natural resources to skin care"

We will introduce applications of Eco Friendly plant derived cellulose for Face, Body, Hair care and Makeup.
ACADEMIC FORUM Sep 10 [Thur] 12:20 ~ 12:50
KYUSHU UNIVERSITY Global Innovation Center Professor Dr. Shigeru Fujino

"3D complex silica glass for cosmetic container"

Silica glass is an important material supporting cosmetics and medical fields. We developed a 3D printing method for manufacturing complex quartz glass used for cosmetic applications. we will also exhibit and introduce silica glass
ACADEMIC FORUM Sep 10 [Thur] 13:40 ~ 14:10
JAM ASSOCIATION Headquarters Representative Director Ms. kiyoko suga

"Acupuncture , effective for improving skin and Slimming"

Acupuncture, effective for improving skin and Slimming
ACADEMIC FORUM Sep 10 [Thur] 13:40 ~ 14:10
TOKYO METROPOLITAN UNIVERSITY Graduate School, Faculty of System Design Research Associate Ms. Aki Hada

"Design of non-destructive method to determine microbial actvities in cosmetic products "

An analytical method quantitatively to detect the microbial growth activity in cosmetic products has been developed and tested with the preservative effect of parabens. The method was found to be successfully applicable to various cosmetic sciences.
ACADEMIC FORUM Sep 10 [Thur] 14:20 ~ 14:50

"Acupuncture , effective for improving pregnancy and Menstruation, the body of a female"

Acupuncture , effective for improving pregnancy and Menstruation, the body of a female
ACADEMIC FORUM Sep 10 [Thur] 14:20 ~ 14:50
OSAKA UNIVERSITY GRADUATE SCHOOL Laboratory of Advanced Cosmetic Science Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences researcher Ms. Yuko Endo

"Cosmetics and microbe - Evaluation of antibacterial effect by non-destructive method"

We used non-destructive system to quantitatively evaluate (i) antibacterial effect of 1,2-alkanediol with different alkyl-carbon chain lengths, and (ii) microbial growth activity on nonwoven fabrics.
Innovative Cosmetics Ingredients Presentation *FREE Sep 10 [Thur] 14:30 ~ 15:00

"Sustainable & Carbon Neutral Skin Firmness Raw Material"

Introduction about Sustainable & Carbon Neutral Cosmetic Raw Materials for Skin Firmness and Anti-Wrinkle Effect
ACADEMIC FORUM Sep 10 [Thur] 15:00 ~ 15:30
THE UNIVERSITY OF TOKYO The graduated univercity of aguricalture Researcher Mr. takashi sano

"development of cosmetics using bamboo powder extract"

Already developed of all-in-one-crean and sucruv-washing-foam.
next subject is development of tooth-wash-foam and body-sucruv-rotion, requesting coravolater.

Private Label Cosmetics Development Presentation *FREE Sep 10 [Thur] 15:15 ~ 15:45

"Cosmetics Development Using 3D Image Analysis"

Quantitative evaluation for products, focusing on examples of the use of image analysis in the development of cosmetics.
ACADEMIC FORUM Sep 10 [Thur] 15:40 ~ 16:10
NISHIKYUSHU UNIVERSITY Department of Health and Nutrition Sciences Professor Dr. Midori Yasuda

"Anti-aging effect of "water chestnut" used by ninja"

"Water chestnut" is a rare aquatic plant with sharp thorns, which was called "Makibishi" used by ninjas as weapons long time ago. In this forum, we will introduce the functions of water chestnut as a cosmetic material.
ACADEMIC FORUM Sep 11 [Fri] 11:00 ~ 11:30
KONAN UNIVERSITY Department of Nanobiochemistry, Faculty of Frontiers of Innovative Research in Science and Technology Professor Dr. Kazuya KOUMOTO

"Inclusion and release properties of glucan nanoparticles complexed with bioactive ingredients"

We developed host-guest complexation of poorly water-soluble molecules with renatured beta-1,3-1,6-glucan nanoparticles. In this presentation , we introduced the functionality of food-, cosmetic- and pharmaceutical ingredients included.
Innovative Cosmetics Ingredients Presentation *FREE Sep 11 [Fri] 11:00 ~ 11:30

"Introduction of cosmetic application of METOLOSE (HPMC,MC)"

ACADEMIC FORUM Sep 11 [Fri] 11:40 ~ 12:10
OSAKA UNIVERSITY Department of Electrical, Electronic, Information and Communication Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering Guest Professor Dr. Hiroaki Adachi

"Crystallization technology for cosmetic raw materials (small molecule compounds)"

Laser irradiation makes it possible to search for crystallization conditions more quickly and efficiently. Conversely, it can also be used to determine that crystallization does not occur.
ACADEMIC FORUM Sep 11 [Fri] 12:20 ~ 12:50
YAMAGUCHI UNIVERSITY Graduate School of Sciences and Technology for Innovation Professor Dr. Yoshihiko Akakabe

"Practical Implementations of Aromachemistry"

The effects of aroma on humans were confirmed by measuring the physiological parameters. The smelling of aroma exhibited the stimulant or sediment effects. The aroma massage led to improve the blood circulation.
Innovative Cosmetics Ingredients Presentation *FREE Sep 11 [Fri] 12:30 ~ 13:00

"New ingredient! Fermented Collagen & YUGAWARA Onsen-Sui"

"Fermented Collagen", which has been reduced to a low molecular weight, and new ingredient "YUGAWARA Onsen-Sui".
ACADEMIC FORUM Sep 11 [Fri] 13:40 ~ 14:10
UNIVERSITY OF TSUKUBA R & D Cener for Innovative Drug Discovery Director and Professor Dr. Akira Shibuya

"Suppression of LPS-induced dermatitis by Mucin-like molecule"

Analysis of spontaneously atopic mice revealed that a specific mucin-like molecule suppresses LPS-induced dermatitis through the C-type lectin receptor Asgr1.
ACADEMIC FORUM Sep 11 [Fri] 13:40 ~ 14:10
TOKYO INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY FIRST Associate Professor Dr. Akitoshi Okino

"Surface treatment of skin and powder with atmospheric temperature-controllable plasma"

Development of an atmospheric temperature-controllable plasma device, and surface treatment (improvement of hydrophilicity, dispersibility, etc.) of skin and powder by the plasma will be presented.
ACADEMIC FORUM Sep 11 [Fri] 14:20 ~ 14:50
NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF BIOMEDICAL INNOVATION, HEALTH AND NUTRITION Research Center for Medicinal Plant Resources Head Dr. Hiroyuki Fuchino

"The Plant Extract Library for Research and Development of Cosmetics"

We construct a large-scale plant extract library containing domestic wild plants and herbal medicines.
We will introduce practical examples about the library use for cosmetics R&D.
Innovative Cosmetics Ingredients Presentation *FREE Sep 11 [Fri] 14:30 ~ 15:00

"Stem cell culture fluid & exosome data & culture technology"

Functional data of human stem cell culture medium and exosomes. Also original culture method.
ACADEMIC FORUM Sep 11 [Fri] 15:00 ~ 15:30
CHUO UNIVERSITY Chuo University Professor Dr. Y-h. Taguchi

"A new frontier of genome analysis mediated by unsupervised learning"

Conventional supervised machine learning is impossible without a large number of teacher data. To improve this point, we propose a method using unsupervised learning that does not require teacher data.
ACADEMIC FORUM Sep 11 [Fri] 15:00 ~ 15:30
TOYAMA PREFECTURAL UNIVERSITY Department of Pharmaceutical Engineering Professor Dr. SATOSHI TAKEI

"Cosmetics development using advanced nanolithography technology"

Advanced nanolithography technology has great potential for future production of cosmetics developments. We present progress in the development of antibacterial biomimetic materials and fine needle sheets.
ACADEMIC FORUM Sep 11 [Fri] 15:40 ~ 16:10
OITA UNIVERSITY Faculty of Science and Technology, Department of Integrated Science and Technology, Division of Applied Chemistry associate professor Dr. Taro Kinumoto

"Characterization of CelluloseNanofiber Derived from Bamboo and the Potential as a Cosmetics Material"

Bamboo is a natural and sustainable plant. We have devoted to production of cellulose nanofiber using bamboo as the raw material. The character of our cellulose nanofiber and the potential as a base agent and an additive are presented.
ACADEMIC FORUM Sep 11 [Fri] 15:40 ~ 16:10
DOSHISHA UNIVERSITY Glycative Stress Research Center, Faculty of Life and Medical Sciences Professor Dr. Masayuki Yagi

"Measuring method development of AGEs and research of antiglycation material"

We optimized the measuring method of AGEs relevant to skin aging, and inspected healthy people's aging, and the relation of the amount of AGEs. And we developed the screening method of the material which prevents accumulation of AGEs.